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Emerge Retail is led by experts with decades of unique experience. From management, operations, and product development, to brand building and marketing. A dedicated crew of senior talent with proven track records of accelerating growth in the ever-changing, highly competitive retail marketplace.









Retail experts centered around gathering and analyzing mountains of data down to the SKU are on call to help you perfect your product forecasting, meet your KPIs, unearth opportunities, manage risks, and fine-tune your business all with an eye on ROI.


We bring years of both product and service experience to develop strategies for every phase of your products life cycle. We get to know you, and we analyze your competitors, so we can craft a unique, differentiated positioning to help your products stand out and get noticed.


Maintaining brand identity, ensuring continuity and consistency both in-store and online is critical to your success. We have both partnerships and platforms that we leverage to ensure integrity of both brand and channel.


Our award-winning software and logistics pros are here to manage your shipments, end-to-end and around the world—from P.O. management and compliance, to shipping,customs and on-shelf delivery, we give you transparency into every step your product makes, anytime, anywhere.


We understand the unique operational requirements for success at each retailer. Our operations team is dedicated to ensuring an unparalleled customer experience while maximizing profitability.


From ideation to product transition we have a proven methodology for success in North American retail. Whether you’re new to the market or and established brand, we have the knowledge and experience to maximize sales and profitability.


Product transitions are an art. Successful transitions can only be learned and refined through hands-on experience. Our team has spent years developing capabilities and tactics that optimize the value of legacy product while establishing the value of new entrants.

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Some of our valued partners

Who we are


Keith Neva

Keith brings knowledge of consumer products retail sales in both Big Box stores and online, from product ideation through transition. He was previously VP of Sales for Fuhu, producer of the award-winning “Nabi” Tablets.


Jon Danger

Jon is a business analyst, project leader, and creative strategist with a wide, multi-retailer network. He has 25+ years’ experience working with Fortune 500 companies like Best Buy & Microsoft, where he helped launch the Surface and its accessories.


Kevin Leisen

Kevin has 18 years’ experience as a manufacture rep, developing new channels of retail for diverse brands. Outside of retail, Kevin launched a distribution company that works with custom integrators and manages over 30 vendors in the Midwest.


Jon Lezon

Jon is Managing Partner in Fayetteville, AR. With 25+ years of experience, Jon has strong relationships with high-profile retailers and manufacturers like Sony & Samsung. Currently he is building and growing brands at Walmart, Inc., the largest retailer in the world.


Nicole Eich

Nicole is an Operations Analyst with 16 years of experience in the retail environment. Nicole has experience in product management, vendor compliance, and replenishment planning at various Twin Cities retailers, including Target.


Nick Frost

Nick has over 15 years of experience with tier 1 brands in secondary markets, where he has helped manufacturers move uncommitted inventory without compromising brand integrity. Nick credits his worldwide relationships and success to inventory valuation and market research.


Mendy Stites

Mendy is an Operations Analyst with over 23 years of Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club Experience and 18 Years in the vendor community. Mendy’s experience includes item management, reporting and detailed analysis as well as day to day operations with Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club.


Jenny Yang

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