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Pollution in Homes Linked to Worse Sleep, Physical and Mental health. What to Know. What to Do.

A recent study released by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health has found that while much indoor pollution comes from outdoor sources such as roadways and car exhaust, the largest share of indoor pollution doesn’t come from outdoor pollutants, but indoor sources: mainly gas combustion appliances: stoves, cooking ovens, gas/wood fireplaces and heaters. If you have any of these appliances in your home, you should be aware of the full range of health risks that these appliances pose.

What Indoor VOCs Mean For Your Health

That study by Van Tran found that VOCs have significant effects on health.

Specifically Van Tran looked at the effects of the most common pollutants in homes including: VOCs, NO2, SO2, COx , Ozone and PM.

See the effects of these below:

Sources of these compounds:

Outdoor environment, cooking, combustion activities (burning of candles, use of fireplaces, heaters, stoves, fireplaces and chimneys, cigarette smoking), cleaning activities, paints, stains, varnishes, solvents, pesticides, adhesives, wood preservatives, waxes, polishes, cleansers, lubricants, sealants, dyes, air fresheners, fuels, plastics, copy machines, printers, tobacco products, perfumes, dry-cleaned clothing, building materials and furnishings, gas-fueled cooking and heating appliances, outdoor sources, photocopying, air purifying, disinfecting devices, cooking stoves; fireplaces; outdoor air, cooking stoves; tobacco smoking; fireplaces; generators and other gasoline powered equipment; outdoor air, tobacco smoke, building materials, consumer products, incense burning, cleaning and cooking, house dust, pets, cockroaches, mold/dampness, pollens (originating from animals, insects, mites, and plants), bacteria, viruses, and fungi are carried by people, animals, and soil and plants.

Have a Gas Stove? Be Aware…

“When gas stoves and heaters are used, indoor [pollutant] levels often exceed outdoor levels” – Van Tran

How to Protect Your Health

While many filtration devices and air purifiers capture a slice of indoor pollutants: PM and larger germs, very few adequately address the smaller gaseous particles that Van Tran highlights. Namely VOCs.

This is because most VOCs and gaseous pollutants are smaller than 3 microns and simply pass-through traditional paper filters, that’s why special technology is needed to trap these chemicals. The main way that this is done currently is with “activated carbon” filters that utilize chemically activated compounds that bind with dangerous chemicals. The drawback to these is that over time  (1 week-3 months) these binding sites get full. Think of it like a lint roller, once there is too much lint on the paper, it cant remove any more particles.

“Activated carbon filters are a bit like oil filters on a car – they remove a certain percentage each time through the filter until they get full, at which point, they remove essentially nothing. When you’re buying an activated carbon filter, you’re basically buying a certain amount of odor removal capacity and that capacity is directly related to the quality and quantity of activated carbon in the filter, not all the bells and whistles.”Hugh McLaughlin, PhD, PE, AC FOX, Inc.

The best air purifier that we have seen for VOCs is the Westinghouse 1702. When compared to all the other purification methods it outperforms other models with its patented Nano-Confined Catalytic Oxygen (NCCO) technology. See some of their results for VOC (formaldehyde) removal below:

In short, modern homes (especially those with has stoves) contain many modern pollutants that reduce our health and quality of life. If you are concerned about the air quality in your home, contact a local air quality measurement company and purchase an air purifier that can handle VOC removal, and keep it near gas appliances. After all, the sooner you take action, the sooner you can breathe free. 



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The Best iPhone Controller for Gamers on the Go

Do you want to take your mobile gaming experience to the next level? Are you looking for an affordable and wired gamepad controller to support your gaming needs? If yes, Rotor Riot Gamepad Controller is worth trying. It is MFI certified and can be the best companion for iOS gamers. This on the go controller features L3 R3 functionality. The best part is that it is compatible with many popular games. We can take the example of Call of Duty, Journey, F1 Mobile Racing, Morphite, Real Racing 3, Bully, and many more.

The Rotor Riot wired gamepad controller is value for your money. It is super affordable and can fit any budget. You are going to spend only $49.95 on this controller. Also, the rating makes it worth considering. This budget controller features everything that you can expect from the PlayStation controller or Xbox controller. However, the end cost will be less. It features a removable mobile support post, L3 R3 functionality, and 8-way D-pad.

 More about Rotor Riot Gamepad Controller

The installation is super easy. We can say that installation is not required for this gamepad controller. The controller’s easy-to-use features make it the best choice for your favorite video games. You can find compatible games in Ludu Mapp. Also, it is approved by Apple. The Apple Approval makes it the right choice for iOS devices. It will work on most of the drones available in the current market.


Rotor Riot Gamepad Controller is not compatible with all the video games and drones. However, it is compatible with more than a thousand games. You can enjoy most of your favorite games by using this gamepad controller. The affiliate app Ludu Mapp is available on the iOS app store. By downloading this game, you can enjoy more than 1000 games. When it comes to iOS compatibility, the gamepad can connect with the connected Apple devices. We can say that users will have many options to explore their favorite games with this gamepad controller.

Easy-to-Use & Enhanced Gaming Experience

As mentioned earlier, Rotor Riot Gamepad Controller is easy to use. You can use it on the go and enjoy your games whenever you want without bothering about the installation requirements. While using this gamepad controller, there will be no latency or lag time. You can watch your games with clear pictures without blurs, skips, and glitches.

The latest version provides pass-through charging. Therefore, you can enjoy unlimited games without draining your devices. You do not need batteries. You can plug and play.


  • Designed to support the gaming needs of iOS users
  • Features L3R3 buttons
  • Easy to use and easy to carry
  • Plugs into your phone directly and start playing
  • Perfect for different types of games
  • Compatible with more than a thousand games
  • Super affordable and well built to last long


  •  It does not work for Roblox

Wrapping It Up

Rotor Riot Gamepad Controller is the best iPhone gamepad controller available in the current condition. It is super affordable and well made to offer a durable result. The controller is well equipped and compatible with more than a thousand games.

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Should I Upgrade to 8K HDMI Cables?


If it’s been a while since you stepped into an electronics store or went hunting online for HDMI cables then there is a good chance that it’s time to make an upgrade. That’s why today we’re going to be talking about the Monster Ultra High Speed 8K HDMI 2.1 Cables. But first some context: I worked at an electronics store for many years and I often find myself meandering into one store or another in my spare time just to poke my nose around and see the latest and greatest in what’s out there.

To this day I am still amazed at how people shop for new electronics like a new TV. They spend copious amounts of time perusing different TV’s, asking about the brand of the TV, how it performs, and bla bla bla. Then a salesman brings up cables and the customer just shrugs it off. But why?? You can buy the best TV in the world but if your cables are crap and you’re just re-using old ones then the quality of your new TV might just end up being as bad as your old one!

Pay Attention to the Cables (ps Monster is the Best!)

All I can say is PAY ATTENTION to the cables you buy. For years Monster has always been my go-to brand. Why? They work amazingly well, they are well protected and last a long time. Every time I go to upgrade my Monster cables I quickly hook them up once I get them and I am always amazed. With each hookup comes better and better sound quality and picture quality. And believe me, I want the picture and sound quality for my sports (like Basketball, Hockey and MLS, and even some Football) and I’m always up-to-date on my actions movies

My Recent Monster Cobalt 8k 2.1 HDMI Cable Purchase

I’d been having the “cable” itch for quite some time and I had been looking at the new Monster 8K HDMI cable. Finally, after reading Julian Perry’s review online I just had to have them! I immediately ordered some and when the box arrived I ripped it open and hooked it up to my somewhat old TV (3 years) and PRESTO! My life was changed forever! (ok well maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration)

I started by watching basketball and then just let the TV run on the same channel. I was mesmerized like I was in a trance! I just sat in my comfy chair watching basketball, then hockey, and then a football game reply. I could see the passes and the shots so crisply and I could even hear some of the foul language the athletes were muddling to each other. That definitely made me laugh but was pretty awesome to hear how clear the sound was!


Get these new Monster Cobalt 8K 2.1 HDMI cables. Like seriously just do it! Especially if you’re not ready to upgrade your TV and even if you are, you should still get them! Then sit back and enjoy! You might be there for a while!